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Ethernet Switch

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Application note 53134-AN103-RDS


Where can I found the application note "53134-AN103-RDS.pdf" for download? It was mentioned by our Broadcom representative in the context of our following problem:

Our board connects an ethernet port of a Zync processor with a BCM53134 switch, using SPI instead of MDIO for control. Typical kernel driver for the network interface controls the PHY using MDIO, so we need a network interface driver for the linux kernel using SPI instead. Do you know if such a driver already exists?

Thank you in advance,

Paulo Ribeiro

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Re: Application note 53134-AN103-RDS

Hi Paulo,

1. Can you double check below link for application note "53134-AN103-R? It is already in this MMP site.

BCM53134 Design Guide

2. SPI driver for linux kernel

Could you search spidev for linux kernel via below link?

And it needs to make sure your CPU processor side the SPI interface be init configure done.



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