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InterVlan Routing in Brocade

Dear Brocade Team,
I would like to know one question , about of the intervlan routing.
Intervlan Routing in cisco, we used the "ip routing" command in L3 Switch.
For example,
cisco(config)#vlan 20
cisco(config-vlan)#vlan 30
cisco(config-vlan)#interface vlan 20
cisco(config-if)#ip address
cisco(config-if)#interface vlan 30
cisco(config-if)#ip address
After creation of the vlan 20,30,they can't ping each other because of the ip routing.
cisco(config)#ip routing

BRCD(config)#vlan 20
BRCD(config-vlan-20)#router-interface ve 20
BRCD(config-vlan-20)#vlan 30
BRCD(config-vlan-30)#router-interface ve 30
BRCD(config-vlan-30)#interface ve 20
BRCD(config-ve-20)#ip address
BRCD(config-ve-20)#interface ve 30
BRCD(config-ve-30)#ip address

Required or not the type "ip routing" command ?
Could you please help me?

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Re: InterVlan Routing in Brocade

HI Dear Brocade team,


I also have the same question on my VDX 6740T & 6720.

Could you please help guide us  how to setup it?

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Re: InterVlan Routing in Brocade

@ChanMyae @Jovian


The VDX Switch line was acquired by Extreme Networks, please post your question on the Extreme Community

located on their VDX Forum 


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