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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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tim_txcrd_z_vc values on F_port

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Do you have any idea why the stat values for an F_port might be as follows:



tim_txcrd_z             299520303   Time TX Credit Zero (2.5Us ticks)
tim_txcrd_z_vc  0- 3:  0           0           0           0
tim_txcrd_z_vc  4- 7:  299520303   0           0           0
tim_txcrd_z_vc  8-11:  0           0           0           0
tim_txcrd_z_vc 12-15:  0           0           0           0



As far as I know VC is related to ISL. What are these values stand for ?


And also each line has 4 columns, what does it mean ?


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Re: tim_txcrd_z_vc values on F_port



The output of portregshow is the same one, no matter if the port works as an F-port or an E-port. 


An F-port, even if it does not use VC, it measures the tim_txcrd_z and the register where it is stored is that one. Thre register used will change depending on the second byte of the Area# in the PID.







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