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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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firmwaredownload sequence


I need to confirm if my understanding about the firmwaredownload command on a dual cp 48k. When i run the firmwaredownload command:

  1. New Firmware is installed on Secondary Partition of Standby CP.
  2. Standby CP reboots and swaps the Primary and Secondary partition and thus the new firmware becomes active because the CP always boots from the primary partition (which now has new firmare).
  3. Due to the reboot of Standby CP, CP will exchange roles, standby CP will become active with the new firmware on the primary partition.
  4. New Firmware is downloaded to secondary partition of new Standby CP (previously active CP).
  5. New Standby CP reboots, which swaps the Primary and Secondary partition and thus the new firmware becomes active.
  6. Due to reboot, CPs will change roles.
  7. Firmwarecommit is done on both CP (firmware is copied from primary to secondary partition of both CP).

Please correct if my understanding is wrong.

I also need to know what options i need to run with the "firmwaredownload -s" command if i need to upgrade firmware on one CP at a time and be able to restore from the old firmware on the secondary partition. I think it is "firmwaredownload -s -b -n"  (This will enable autoreboot but disable autocommit, which will make "firmwarerestore" possible if needed.)

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Re: firmwaredownload sequence

Well I do this manually

  1. Log into standby CP (slot 6)
  2. Collect logs and config, configupload, supportsave
  3. Check status -> hashow, firmwareshow, errdump -r
  4. firmwaredownload -s -n - Starts download of FOS to secondary partition of standby CP (slot 6)
  5. Check status again
  6. Reboot standby CP again - reboot
  7. Now standby CP is running on new FOS code, hence do hafailover
  8. Standby CP (slot 6) becomes Active CP (slot 5)
  9. Loginto the newly designated standby CP (slot 5) and run firmwaredownload -s -n
  10. Reboot slot 5 standby CP
  11. Do complete health check, check error logs, host connectivity and create and commit a dummy zone
  12. Run firmwarecommit on both CP if you are satisfied or you can do these after a few days as well

The slot numbers may be different, I have just cited these for clarity.


Biju Krishnan




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Re: firmwaredownload sequence

I always do like this:

1. Take configupload.

2. Supportsave

3. check hashow

4. firmwareshow

5. version( to know the difference)

6. errdump

7. firmwaredownload    only

No need to do manual intervention. It will do both the CPs automatically. If you are confident about your network. I always do it on my environment of 60 SWs out of which 24 are 48K dirs.

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