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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Upgrade FOS path. Single mode.

Hello there.

I know that upgrade path should involve all "middle" versions of FOS, like 7.0.x -> 7.1.x -> 7.2.x and so on.

But there is a way with -s option (I mean firmwaredownload -s). As far as I get it called "single mode" and it allows to skip one stage, e.g. I can upload 7.1.x -> 7.3.x with -s option. Unfortunatelly I couldn`t find any documentation about this option, what result I will get? Will it destroy swtich config? May be its for new swtches with factory configuration or what?

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Re: Upgrade FOS path. Single mode.

From what I understand, on a single CP switches "-s" will allow updating the secondary flash with image which is more than one minor version further than the active one. The switch then will have to perform a full reboot instead of hareboot because two very different versions will not allow a smooth failover.

I used this option a lot, but only on the dual CP directors, it never corrupted any config or something like that, but you could backup of course, just in case.

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