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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Unable to Zone 825 HBA using B5000 58.1

Brocade HBA 825 cabled to Brocade B5000 SAN switch.  Status light on B5000 green.  F Port.  OK

Brocade BIOS ver. FCHBA

BIOS - Enabled

Port Speed - 4G

Boot LUN - Auto Discover

(I tried various setting)

However, when I start Zone Admin in Web Tools the HBA port WWN does not show up so that I can Zone it.

The HBA is installed on a Dell R900 in which boot from SAN will be used to install VMware.

We have been using Qlogic 2460/2462 HBAs for ever, and now are moving to Brocade HBAs.  With the Qlogic, I boot up the server, go into its HBA BIOS, read the port WWN, open Web Tools, go to Zone Admin and Zone it.

What is wrong or what am I missing with these new Brocade HBAs?

Thank you.

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Re: Unable to Zone 825 HBA using B5000 58.1

Ok, let's start at the basic level.  Is the port the HBA connecting to on the B5000 enabled?

When you run switchshow, do you see the WWN or any other status for this port on the 5000?

Can you fcping the WWN (assuming the port is indeed enabled)?

How about when you run nsshow, do you see the HBA's WWN in the Name Server?  (Again, assuming you are enabled)

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Boot From SAN setup question


I finally got the zoning correct once I got the HBA's BIOS configuration correct.

My problem now is getting Boot From SAN correctly setup on the HBA's BIOS.

Zoning is OK.  I was able to create a Host and give it a VDisk/LUN in the IBM SVC but although everything Seems to be OK the VMware install CD is unable to access a HD.  Even the Dell R900's BIOS list a HD now.  (no local disks on the box)

I don't quite understand what Boot LUN option to use.  First LUN?  Flash Values?  And what about Boot Device Settings?

I dont recall having so much trouble getting our Qlogic adapters up and running.

I appreciate any help given.

Chris H.

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