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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Traffic Isolation with FCIP issue (HP 1606 Extension San Switch / Brocade 7800)

Hello experts,

I am trying to make Traffic Isolation (TI) works with two HP 1606 Extension San Switch (Brocade 7800). Please see attached.

We have a FCIP tunnel configured (one VE-port per switch). FC Routing is disabled and there are not edge switches.

Since both switches merge I was able to replicate data between them using traditional zoning.

In the next days we will have a second tunnel so I wanted to test TI in advance to pass replication traffic through the first tunnel only.

So, I created the following dummy zone configuration and TI zone:

zone --show       :

Defined TI zone configuration:

TI Zone Name: tizone_hp_xp1

Port List: 1,0; 1,1; 1,16; 3,0; 3,1; 3,16

Configured Status: Activated / Failover-Disabled

Enabled Status: Activated / Failover-Disabled

cfgshow        :

Defined configuration:






1,0; 1,1; 1,16; 3,0; 3,1; 3,16



Effective configuration:




In this case I couldn’t replicate any data so I have to revert to the original traditional zoning.

Is this a supported TI configuration?

Best regards,

David Ulloa

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Re: Traffic Isolation with FCIP issue (HP 1606 Extension San Switch / Brocade 7800)

I did a lot of research a couple of years back on TI Zones. If I have it all straight I believe that you need a dedicated FCIP Tunnel/Circuit for the TI's. I found the whole TI thing to be more of a pain in the backside that what it was worth. Best way I have found is to use a single FCIP Tunnel with multiple circuits which lets them bond together making better use of available bandwidth. This also keeps your config simple by being able to use simple port or WWN zoning between locations.

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