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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to update the FOS



I have recenty acquired a Silkworm 3250 which is running FOS v4.2.2 for my home/test lab.


Ideally I want to get it to the NPIV supported version (v5.2 I believe).  


Can anyone help with options available to me please?


Cheers, XLC.

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Re: How to update the FOS

from FOS 4.2.2 you need more package in order to update to 5.2.x or later


the main problem is, FOS 4.4.x is not longer for download available, and this is mandatory to Upgarde to next step


5.0.x  ->5.1.x -> 5.2.x

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Re: How to update the FOS

Thanks TechHelp24.


Can you tell me what is the requirement to get hold of the upgrade FOS's?  Do I need a support agreement or is the FOS downloadable without this?


Thanks again.

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Re: How to update the FOS

You cannot get a support contract from any vendor simply because the swithc is EOSL (End of Service Life).


You have to go back to the person whom you bought it from and ask him for support.



Kind regards,
Erwin van Londen
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