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Brocade 300 and Lenovo Brocade 300



I have a customer who has bought a Brocade 300 last year with 8 ports and now he wants to buy from Lenovo, the feature for the extra 8 port activation plus a new Lenovo Brocade 300 switch to operate along with the previous Brocade 300.


can this work ? Is there anything we should do in terms of firmware e.t.c ?


Thanks you.

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Re: Brocade 300 and Lenovo Brocade 300

I have deployed licenses purchased from an OEM to switches purchased from a different OEM.


What you buy/get is a transaction code.  You take that to a licensing website and enter it along with identifiers from the switch, and a license key is generated.  That process is the same regardless of where the switch comes from or whose name is on it.


While I have not worked with Lenovo, I have done this with IBM...which is pretty close.  

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