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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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2x Fc Switch - Segmented - Domain overlap

Hi all,


 I want to connect 2 switches (Brocade 200 to Brocade 6505) when I connect it  show Segmented - Domain overlap


What  I need to see what I have connected to the two switches?


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Re: 2x Fc Switch - Segmented - Domain overlap

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you need on brocade 200 the Fabric License, and additional latest FOS 6.2.2 installed, in order to ISL with 6505.


keep in mind FOS 6.2.2 is compatible only to FOS 7.4.x, if you want to upgarde the 6505 to latest FOS Release 8.1.x, you cannot ISL with the 200 or othre switch in the fabric with a FOS lower than 7.3.1a


Additional, Domain Overlap indicated both switches in the Fabric have same DID = Domain ID


for details refer the command "switchdisable" - is disruptive - and  "configure" in command guide.



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