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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Target Code

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I have taken over a environment that is a bit behind on firmware.  All devices are 7.3.0c.  Our environment contains 2 5300, 4 5480, 1 6510 and I think 2 6548(type 129.1).  We are going to be replacing the 5300's with SN6600B's(G620)  I'm trying to determine what level of code I need to be on for the devices to all be compliant with their target codes with the introduction of the new core switches.  



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Re: Target Code

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Your current FW is not really that far downlevel. Best bet is to follow the target path for compliance with the new core switch;


April 25, 2018
Target Path
Fabric OS (FOS) Target Path
Selection Guide
Version 1.0
Can be found under 'Downloads' from the site. Don't forget that all switches must be running MAPS on 7.4 platform.
One caveat though, from the Rel Notes for 7.4.x code: Brocade Network Advisor 12.4.0 or later is required to manage switches running FOS 7.4.0 or later(check server hardware requirements for BNA 12.4.x too).
Of course, the G620 will req one of the 8.x releases.

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