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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch in FICON (mode)

Hi all


Today cusotmer has 2 x 48K used for FC and FICON. Ficon is now dead and we only uses it for FC.

Now the would like to install a new fabric 2 x 8510 (I think).

They want to connect to the old fabric for different reasons.

My question is, If I setup the 8510 in the saem way as the 48K "Iodset" dlsset and SCC policy control they will connect togehter.

Will this give us any limitaion I am thinking of number of switches conected togheter. FICOM only supports 2 hops. But I think that is only what they support nothing prevents you to use more hops.


Any downside to have a fabrric that only is used for FC to be setup for FICON also ?


Thanks in advance



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Re: Switch in FICON (mode)

If you don't have zOS connected anymore you can hook it up according to the normal limitations that Brocade has set for Open Systems. The 2 hops in Ficon mode have a historical limitiation due to control unit cascading. This doesn't exist in the open world.

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Re: Switch in FICON (mode)

I wouldn't risk trying to bridge a fabric with FICON set up, even if it's not in use. Get an outage window, and one director at a time, turn off FICON support on the 48ks.


If you can't or won't do this, I'd prepare for the possibility that an ISL won't form when you plug the new switches in unless that fabric also has FICON enabled. Since, as far as I know, this costs money on the new switches, I'd really recommend disabling FICON on the old 48000s if you can.

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