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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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48K, error CDR-1010


I got the following message cfrom 48k:

S5,C1:Internal monitoring of faults has identified suspect part, blade may need to reset or replace: fault1:12611   cdr-1010

S5,C1: HW ASIC chip warnong Level1 type =0x33

Someone can help me to undersyand this error?

Many THX


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Re: 48K, error CDR-1010

Message <timestamp>, , <sequence-number>,, CRITICAL, <system-name>, S<slot
number>,C<chip index>: Internal monitoring of faults has identified suspect
hardware, blade may need to be reset or replaced: fault1:<fault1_cnt>,
fault2:<fault2_cnt> thresh2:0x<threshold_used>.

Probable Cause

Indicates above normal errors observed in hardware that may or may not impact data traffic.

Recommended Action

Whenever this error is observed persistently, power cycle the specified blade. If the problem
persists, replace the blade.



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