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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Re: 200e and 300 ISL possible?

ISL between 200e and 300 is possible.

200e is 4gb Switch and 300 is 8 Gb Switch. So for 300 switch you may need to lock the port speed to 4gb by using portcfg command or may be with the portcfgspeed.

As this is trunking requirement that port speed should be same.

It is always good to have the switch FW to the latest. You may need to contact with the switch Vendor ( HP / IBM / SUN or Brocade ) for the upgarde files and instructions.

You can do ISL between two switches without scheduling any downtime or it can be done online.

FW upgrade of the switches require downtime as switch needs to be rebooted.

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Re: 200e and 300 ISL possible?

I am currently running the 200E with an ISL to the 300 and I have not had any issues with leaving the port speeds at default. 

Also no down time was required but I would recommend disabling the ports you are going to ISL and then enable the port one at a time.  Remember the new or used switch has to pull the config over and it's better to control that then to let it happen.  If I remember correctly I enabled the port on my new switch then on the other switch....just a thought.

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