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Application Delivery (ADX)

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enabling tcp-offload

I'm trying to understand more about tcp offloading and the requirements for enabling it on the brocade.  First, I'm assuming that Apache keepalives are required on each server to support this, correct?  Second, it seems csw has to be enabled even though no layer 7 filter is being done, also true?  So, the steps would be

server virtual blah

port httpd csw

port tcp-offload

Is this correct?  Thanks.

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Re: enabling tcp-offload

If no Layer 7 switching feature is enabled, HTTP persistent connection can still be enabled using TCP offload

mode; load balancing will then be based on Layer 4 metrics that have been configured for a virtual server.

It should not be necessary to run Apache Keep-alive as TCP Offload function does offload that burden from

the server by reusing already established tcp connections to those servers. So, Apache should not have to be

concerned with extending the life of the tcp connection for this persistence purpose.

The re-use of open connections causes the source IP address and port of the request to be

translated from the original connection on the client side to a connection on the server side.

Consequently, a server cannot distinguish between clients simply by the source IP address of the

connections. If servers need to distinguish between clients’ source IP addresses, the

keepalive mode is recommended. It reuses the connections on the server side for application requests from

clients that originally created the connections. When a client makes a request for content that is

served by a different server, the ServerIron ADX switch closes the connection to the original server

on the server side before setting up a connection with the new server; however, the connection on

the client side can still be reused if keepalive mode is enabled on the client connections

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Re: enabling tcp-offload

Thanks for the response.  However, the ADX complains if I don't define a layer 7 content switching rule.

SSH@lb02.la3( http tcp-offload
You need enable CSW before enabling this feature

How do I configure layer 4 tcp-offload?  Thanks.

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