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SAN Health Utility

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San health produce errors on aix machines.

Hi everybody.

I'm new to this, so I will explain my issue sortly.

I have 2 switches IBM (brocade) 2005-B5K. I run the SAN Health utility to get the topology and I put a 1 minute logging. After that all my aix machines had errors regarding the SAN disks.

Anybody familiar to this issue?


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Re: San health produce errors on aix machines.

Can you check for any hardware related messages or reboots on all of the switches that were targetted in the report??

The command is

errdump -r

Also post o/p of errpt -a and errpt -aj of any fcs or fcsi error to see if I can interpret the sense data.

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Re: San health produce errors on aix machines.

Hi Aixman,

SAN Health has a very simple interaction with switches.  All it does it open up a telnet or SSH session and slowly issues CLI commands one at a time and then receives back the data.  The final performance capture is simply the command "portperfshow" run for the duration you selected (in this case, 1 minute), and the data is captured on the host. 

I'm not sure how sending show and dump commands to your switches can cause your AIX machines to show errors on their SAN disks.  Are you sure it happened at the same time as the SAN Health audit?  Are there timestamps that you can use to see when the errors occurred to corroborate the errors with the SAN Health audit?

Please send us the details and screenshots at so we can troubleshoot this with you.



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