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SAN Health Utility

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San Health and different FID


I'm trying to run SAN Health and I'm having problems with FID, because one of my switch has FID=15 (logical switch configured), and San Health is using FID 128.

I tryed to run "switchshow" using telnet console, and I had to use:

     fosexec -- fid all -cmd "switchshow"

only using this command I had a right output from my switch.

How can I configure San Health to get the right information from FID 15?



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Re: San Health and different FID

Hi Marcia,

Each virtual fabric needs to have a user id that is set to manage just that VF.  And, each logical switch within that VF needs to have its own IP address.  Please see the SAN Health Online Help page called Using SAN Health at for specifics regarding Virtual Fabrics/Logical Switches and SAN Health.


Health Admin

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Re: San Health and different FID

Hi Marcia,

Just configure a "local" user for the logical switch with FID=15 (userconfig --add Username -r admin -l 15 -h 15 -d "user for FID 15" )

And use that user for SanHealth.

The connection from SanHealth to the logical switch will have a "home" virtual fabric at FID=15

Just check FOS command reference for "userconfig".



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Re: San Health and different FID

Hi guys

Many thanks for all information. It's working very well now.


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