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SAN Health 3.2.6c not correctly identifying wwpn vendors

We have a number of pSeries systems, running under VIO, where we are using NPIV for the lpars.  when we run SAN Health against our 48K directors, SAN health is identifying those WWPNs as being HP Tape drives.  All the WWPN's for the virtual lpars start with C0:50....  We don't have any HP tape library devices, but this is incorrectly showing that we do.


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Re: SAN Health 3.2.6c not correctly identifying wwpn vendors

Hi Peter,

SAN Health decodes devices based on their WWN and on the string of data that gets registered with the switch during the FLOGI.  When a device has registered detailed information that data is then present in the name server.  SAN Health can read that data out (typically out of nsshow for B-Series or show.nameServerExt for M-Series switches) and, combined with the vendor portion of the WWN, decode the device.  Unfortunately, many devices still only register their WWN with the fabric and don’t include any additional data in the symbolic string.  When this happens, we have no choice but to decode the device as being whatever uses that particular WWN the majority of the time.

Please let us know some of the specific WWNs that are being decoded incorrectly and a specific .BSH file that this occurs in, also.  We will look into the report generation logs and let you know what we find.  Please email the info to us at


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