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SAN Health Utility

How will the SAN Health capture tool impact my production SAN?

by Moderator ‎04-29-2012 05:39 PM - edited ‎07-22-2016 10:48 AM (2,107 Views)

For a list of SAN Health general topics, please see SAN Health General Information.




SAN Health has been thoroughly tested and has cumulatively been run against tens of millions switches, some in the world's most mission-critical environments. For peace of mind, as you progress through SAN Health, you are placed in complete control. You can review and deselect any of the commands that you do not want to send during a capture session. While a switch session is connected at all times, you can display the telnet activity and choose to close the session if you want to. In addition, SAN Health inserts an 800 ms delay after every command it sends to a switch to ensure that the CPU has plenty of time to process any other activity that might be happening on the SAN. Even monitoring the switch at the ASIC level shows almost no noticeable activity during a SAN Health audit. In short, SAN Health should have no impact on your switches.