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SAN Health Utility

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Duplicate WWN's being reported on SAN Health Check v3.2

Has anyone ran into this issue:

After running a SAN Health report The SAN Port page shows multiple duplicate WWN's but when you do a switchshow the correct WWN are presented

7,1          Shows as HP HBA on the SAN Health with Duplicate WWN of 22:99:be under the PWWN heading. If I run a switchshow port one displays this

               SwitchShow shows a F-Port WWN of  50:06:0b:00:00:22:99:be which is a HP WWN

7,17      Also has the duplicate WWN of 22:99:be listed the switchshow here reports


            F-port WWN of 20:17:00:a0:b8:47:dc:d8 which is a symbios WWN in this case an Engenio Array

I hope I am missing something simple. This was only one example I have multiple entries.


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