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Zone with WWNN

Hi team,


We have a dual port HBA card for a server, while zoning we have used WWNN for one zone set and WWPN for another zoneset mistakenly. Seems to be at Switch level i can see both zones are active. Not sure at server level will it see dual path? if not during failover what will happen?





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Re: Zone with WWNN

hi, from what i know, both wwpn and wwnn zoning would work, but wwpn zoning is preferred since wwpns have to be worldwide unique, while wwnn can be the same between different ports of the same device - and this can somehow, well not confuse the switches, but confuse people who would troubleshoot the issues if they happen. and they always happen, you know... however, i've always seen the wwnns unique on the dual port hbas.

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