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WebTools over ssh tunnel?

Hi. I'm a complete SAN/brocade switch newbie trying to properly configure a couple of 200E switches. The switches are on a private network in our data center and I've been trying to configure them from a multihomed RHEL5 server via a VNC connection that has access to that private network.

The main problem I'm having right now is that I can only get the the initial EZManager page. Whenever I click on the 'advanced tools' link, I get a java error after a long delay. I have several similiar RHEL5 servers that I have tried this on, and I always get the same error. So, I thought I would have better luck running it on a windows machine. Since I have no windows machines at the data center, my only option is to try to use an ssh tunnel to my workstation to view the web interface. I've tried tunneling ports 23, 80, and 443 from the switch ip to localhost. Browsing to http://localhost prompts me to launch the java app and it downloads it, but the app hangs for a few minutes and then gives an error saying it can't launch the sanmanager.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

I tried to use the commands via telnet, but I have no idea what to do at the command line. I have a perfectly running and configured switch right now. I just want to save the current running configuration, so if the switch gets rebooted, it has the same configuration.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Re: WebTools over ssh tunnel?


login trough telnet, standard IP Adress is Username = admin , Password = password

with the command "ipaddrset" can you change the IP Adress, Netmask, and Gateway.

If the both switch are in the same fabric, each switch must have a unique Domain ID, standard by delivery is 1.

to set the Domain ID, set first "switchdisable" -> "configure" select fabric parameter, change here the Domain ID, press enter and leave all other option by standard.

set "switchenable" to enable the switch now.

After you have configure the correct IP Adress, start you Browser, IE or Mozilla to config the switch trough the Web Tools.

See for details in the FabOS Admin Guide, Command Interface Manual , and the WebTools Administrator Guide.



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