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[HELP]Unable to monitor 3rd party device(Aruba 650 wlc) from BNA server

I have installed a Brocade Network Advisor for trail testing, everything works fine with the brocade switches. But i'm unable to monitor 3rd party object which is an Aruba 650 Wireless Lan Controller.. i was able to discover via the sysObjectID, but it only shows up basic information such as(Status, device name, model, type etc) i need to monitor sFlow, Port utilization, CPU Utilization, temparature etc which is the most critical part..


Currently the Aruba 650 WLC has been configure with the following:


1. snmp trap-host [bna-server-ip]

2. SNMPv1 **** rw

3. port: 162

4. Type : trap


from the BNA server i keep receive spaming snmp trap info under the event section from the Aruba WLC which stated "unsupported trap. Notification SnmpOID: .


... and so on


Is there anyone which is expert on configuring SNMP management software?


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Re: [HELP]Unable to monitor 3rd party device(Aruba 650 wlc) from BNA server

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-->>......Aruba 650 Wireless Lan Controller.


I'm not the expert with Such devices, however accordly BNA Release Notes this Controller is not Listed in Supported devices


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