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EFCM v9.7.3 - Discovered: SNMP only (Too many sessions)

For an unknown reason, we are unable to access the Element Manager via EFCM v9.7.3 for our 6140 Director.

Receiving error "Discovered: SNMP only (Too many sessions)".

The Director was operating without issued until this week.

A potential cause may be the replacement of a network switch in the environment, but we have IP connectivity to both the server and the Director.

We are able to access it via CLI and web GUI.

I have removed the Director from Discovery, stopped the services, rebooted the server and attempted to re-discover the Director, to no avail.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

I have read in a couple of manuals, that an IML may be a possible approach?

We are close to migrating to our DCFM solution, but we will need this operating properly to proceed.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

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Re: EFCM v9.7.3 - Discovered: SNMP only (Too many sessions)

This is no longer an issue for us but we did not find a resolution.

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