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Different names for a fabric in BNA


I would like to achieve the following :

     - Ethernet fabric to have a name (AAAAA),

     - Ethernet fabric would appear in BNA devices with that name (AAAAA),

     - Each node member would appear under a different name (BBBBB / CCCCC),

Is it possible in BNA to have that ?

I believe default behavior is to take co-ordinator's name for the fabric when you discover it through its' virtual IP ?

Thank you.

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Re: Different names for a fabric in BNA

ybazhr ,

Hoping you have found an answer to the above already but if you havent i believe you can customize the name of the Ethernet Fabric to show anything you wish .

Once you click on the Ethernet Fabric you wish to edit go to Properties > Add > Now add a label / description you like .

Highlight Alias and put any name you wish to and hit OK . You should see the updated name now next to the ethernet fabric icon .


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