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DCFM integration with AD/LDAP


I want to integrate DCFM with AD.

All my switches are already integrated with AD.

Below is the procedure I am trying to follow with DCFM.

1. Start Server Managment console -> authentication -> set primary as LDAP and secd. as Local -> test fails.

Please Tell me what am I missing.

I also read, that I need to add the user on DCFM, I see the user, roles and resourse group entries but how to map these to AD roles?

Also If have to add every single user on the DCFM then what is the purpose of AD?



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Re: DCFM integration with AD/LDAP

DCFM will check the AD for the user and password combination only.

For a succesfull login in DCFM the same user must be available within the user database of DCFM.

DCFM needs the local user to grant access to the resource group specified.

I think it's very strange too that DCFM doesn't map roles or resource groups just like the switches do.

The profit of working with a centrally managed userdatabase is completely gone with DCFM.

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Re: DCFM integration with AD/LDAP

It means we can say, centralize authentication is not actually being achieved.

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