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Registered: ‎01-17-2012

DCFM 10.4.3 'Enable/Disable' in context menu

Hi guys

Quick question for the pros:

We have a set of DCX directors managed via DCFM 10.4.3 and we are in the process of refining the user accesses. We ran into one slight problem regarding the possibility to enable/disable ports on the DCXs. We can't seem to identify the user privilege that enables the 'Enable/Disable' context menu when you right-click a port (other options in this menu are Performance, Zoning, List Zoning Members, Connected Port, Port Display, Properties and Table).

We would like to define an 'OperatorPLUS' role which has a couple of advanced privileges over the standard 'Operator' role including the ability to enable and disable ports.

Any idea?



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