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Call home for DCFM (EMC Connectrix Manager Data Center Edition)

I am trying to set up email call home to a third party support company for our switches. I found the following doc on how to do it (, but it does not seem to be working. I have set up the email monitor and get an email with a severity of critical for a Brocade switch (see below), but that is not doing a call home. I have successfully sent the test email to verify the SMTP configuration. The call home does work for a couple McData switches using the same call center configuration for both Brocade and McData (see below). Following the above PDF, I have set up the SNMP trap recipient on the Brocade switches, but I am not sure how to validate that each device is configured for the default switch status policy. Can someone tell me why a a call home event would not be triggered for the critical event on the Brocade switch?



Email Report - Configured from Monitor / Event Notification / E-mail:


Connectrix Manager Data Center Edition  E-mail Report - Product Event

Connectrix Manager Data Center Edition Version: 10.4.5

Connectrix Manager Data Center Edition Build: 3

Connectrix Manager Data Center Edition Server Address:

Date: Thu Mar 15 01:46:34 CDT 2012

Event: S0,C0: HW ASIC Chip error type = 0x21.

Severity: Critical

IP Address:

Source: SUN0617SNEDG01A

Count: 5


Call Home Alert - Configured from Monitor / Event Notification / Call Home:


Call Home Alert

Event Description= Call home is triggered on switch CHR0101SNCOR01D              

(Product WWN = 10:00:08:00:88:E3:56:2E, Product IP =        

because Switch unreachable since 8/7/11 5:54 PM        

Time = Mon Mar 12 15:24:01 CDT 2012 epoch Time = 1331583845327     


Management Server Information           

Server Name = WDC-VDCFMP01            

Server IP =

Server Version = 10.4.5 build 3 


Contact Information

Customer Name : Mercy            

Contact Name : Storage Team  

Phone 1 : 314-364-2200

Phone 2 : 314-364-2200



Firmware Version = 09.06.00 22

Supplier Serial number = MC51001528R

Factory Serial number = MC51001528R 

IP Address =             

Model number = DS-4700M      

Type = 004700 

Switch Name = CHR0101SNCOR01D       

Switch WWN = 10:00:08:00:88:E3:56:2E

Ethernet IP =            

Ethernet IP Mask =           

FCIP = NA*       

FCIP Mask = NA*           

Switch Type = 15            

Domain ID = 1  

Switch Manufacturer = MCD     

Switch Type Number = 004700 

Manufacturing Plant = 01           

Switch Status = Healthy

Status Reason = NA*    



Note : NA* = Not Available        

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