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Brocade Brocade SMI Agent for FOS / for IBM TPC / login failed

Hello all,

I have a big trouble with Brocade SMI agent login to several Brocade switches.

     2x Brocade 5100B (firmware 6.2.0g)

     1x Brocade Silkworm 440 (firmware v6.2.1b)

All attempts to connect via SMI Agent for FOS failed (login Failed / Return code is 4)

I eliminated firewall problems between SW and HW (opened ports 5988,5989,111 from agent side and ports 5990-93 ARR&Eventing from switch side). Login credentials tested via Brocade CLI (user is in admin group).

I enabled debug log and found same message for all server´s connection:

Thread Name : HTTP HTTP dispatcher
Exception Class Name: class com.brocade.api.cim.dataaccess.DataAccessException
Exception Message: class com.brocade.api.cim.dataaccess.DataAccessException
Host Message: Switch error attempting to get port WWNs for Switch 1000080088E3521F
Host Error Code: 22
Switch Message: CT: Invalid explanation
Switch Error Code (Hexadecimal): ffffb1df
Switch Explanation Code (Hexadecimal): 0
Switch Reason Code (Hexadecimal): 1
Switch Error Code (Decimal): -20001
Switch Explanation Code (Decimal): 0
Switch Reason Code (Decimal): 1

Switch error attempting to get port WWNs for Switch 1000080088E3521F
Exception Stack Trace: com.brocade.api.cim.dataaccess.discovery.SwitchPortSessionImpl.getPortWWNs1(
org.wbemservices.wbem.cimom.CIMOMImpl.intinvokeMethod(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.cimom.CIMOMImpl.invokeMethod(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.cimom.adapters.client.http.CIMOMXMLImpl.invokeMethod(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.cimom.adapters.client.http.XmlResponder$InvokeMethod.responseDo(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.cimom.adapters.client.http.XmlResponder$XmlResponseImpl.response(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.cimom.adapters.client.http.XmlResponder.getSimpleXMLResponse(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.cimxml.Response.processRequest(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.cimxml.Response.getXMLResponse(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.cimxml.CIMXmlImpl.getXMLResponse(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.cimom.adapters.client.http.XmlResponder.getResponse(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.cimom.adapters.client.http.CIMRequestHandler.rpc(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.cimom.adapters.client.http.CIMRequestHandler.handleRequest(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.client.adapter.http.transport.HttpServerConnection$Dispatcher.handleRequest(Unknown Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.client.adapter.http.transport.HttpServerConnection$ Source)
org.wbemservices.wbem.client.adapter.http.transport.ThreadPool$ Source)

I checked mentioned WWN (message: Switch error attempting to get port WWNs for Switch 1000080088E3521F) with SAN toplogy and found that this is the McData switch in SAN topology:

McData Sphereon 4700 (firmware 09.09.05)

Importan note: All Brocade swithes are configured Interoprability mode - McData Open Fabric.

Can you help me how configure Brocade SMI agent to resolve this situation?

Environment and tests:

TPC server v4.2.1. FP2

Connection between TPC and Brocade SMI agent for FOS - OK

Connection between SMI agnet for FOS and Brocade switches - FAILED

Connection between TPC and Brocade SMI agent for EOS  - OK

Connection between Brocade SMI agent for EOS and McData switche - OK

Tested on all versions of Brocade SMI agents for FOS for Tivoli Storage Productivity Center


Thanks for any response!

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Re: Brocade Brocade SMI Agent for FOS / for IBM TPC / login failed

Ok how I understood your explination is as follows.

You have one SMI agent (for FOS) in your environment that polls/manages an McData switch and gives an error?

If this is the case unmanage/ delete the McData switch from the FOS SMI agent.

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Re: Brocade Brocade SMI Agent for FOS / for IBM TPC / login failed


it´s missundertanding


1) I configure McData switch connection in separate SMI Agent for EOS (installation process on separate server CIMOM1).

2) Communication between TPC server -> SMI agent for EOS -> McData switche is OK

3) I configure Brocade switches connection in SMI Agent for FOS (installation process on separate server CIMOM2).

4) Communication between SMI agent for FOS -> all Brocade switches FAILED

Log included is from SMI Agent for FOS and stop on discovered connection and failed connection with WWN McData switch (I checked WWN names separately.

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Re: Brocade Brocade SMI Agent for FOS / for IBM TPC / login failed

Ok so the FOS smi agent discovers the McData automaticly and then all switches fail.

Is that correct?

Do you have a support contract with Brocade?

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Re: Brocade Brocade SMI Agent for FOS / for IBM TPC / login failed

Problem resolved with IBM TPC support:

In order to manage FOS switches in a mixed fabric, and discover the complete topology, the OSMS feature should be enabled.  Here is the language from an earlier Brocade 120.9.0 SMI agent release note; as far as I am aware this is still required:

In order to manage FOS switches in interop mode ‘2’ and ‘3’ and to discover the complete topology involving EOS switches, OSMS feature should be
enabled on all the EOS switches.

Thanks dion.v.d.c for answers!

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