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BNA (v11.3.0) doesn't work with VDX Fabric Ethernet NOS v3.0.0.a


We are in the process of deploying VDX fabrics (VDX6730-76 with NOS 3.0.0.a) and trying it to manage them with BNA.

We installed the software with the needed licences (BR-NTWADV-PLU and BR-NTWADV-MPLS-10) and were able to add the IP devices correctly, the test fabric was discovered succesfully.

Still, for some weird reason we are not able to modify the configuration of the switchs via BNA.

for instance, unable to :

     - Change switchs names,

     - Create VLANs,

List goes on. Each time we try something new, we get an error message indicating that the "... configurations cannot be added for the following products due to unsupported firmware." (see attached)

I checked the Release Notes of 11.3.0 and it clearly states that it supportes VDX6730 series with NOS v3.0.0.a

Trying to make some sens of it.



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