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port mirror support trunk port?

Hi All

I am newbie in brocade 
i am using brocade icx7150

I try to configure port mirroring in my switch using command 


Conf t

mirror-port eth 1/1/46

int eth 1/1/37

monitor eth 1/1/46 both


but it seem monitoring port not working, i will monitor port 1/1/46
fyi port 1/1/46 configure as tagged/trunk port

I read that a trunk can't be used as a mirror port.  How would I be able to monitor all vlans and have it mirrored to a trunk port?  Thanks.

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Re: port mirror support trunk port?



due acquisition by Ruckus, ICX Switches are not longer supported by Brocade. Please post you question  in they Community.


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