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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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zoning issues

Hello all,


There are some ldevs allocated to the XX servers with one of the port group zoned to the XX server. When im trying to do zoning with another port group of the same XX server, some of the paths of ldevs in server went offline. Im not sure why this happend in the servers. we are doing the zoning perfectly like 1source:1 target zoning.


can some one please help what possibilities may cause this issue. we are using brocade DCX switches fyi.



thanks in Advance.




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Re: zoning issues

The fact that you called them LDEVs means to me that this is for a HDS storage array? Possibly a VSP? Are the client WWNs logged in through NPIV? Because there's an unpatched bug on the VSP (and presumably, the HUS-VM) that causes SCSI resets to be issued to NPIV initiators when a SCSI inquiry is done to a HDS host port. Nothing to do with the SAN, as far as I remember.

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