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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Re: slotstatsshow and sloterrshow interpretation


First make sure no physical issues are seen in any of the link in the fabric. The enc_in, enc_out, CRC and sync columns should be 0 at all times. If not you might have a cable or sfp problem. Fix this first.

Second, clear all stats with slotstatsclear to obtain a baseline of counters. This command will reser all values back to 0.

Verify with porterrshow if these counters stay at 0 every 30 minutes.

the sloterrshow and slotstatsshow commands are somewhat difficult to explain since these can differ per switchtype and actual configuration. They also display internal back-end link statistics but it too far fetched to go into this in this forum.

Make sure no N-ports are marked a possible slow-drain devices. You can check with bottleneckmon. If one or more are mentioned in the eventlog you'll most likely need to re-arange some traffic paths to other storage or server ports.

Hope this helps.



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Re: slotstatsshow and sloterrshow interpretation


Thanks for your answer. Currently, we have added ISL and the situation is now stabilized. Before adding ISL, the situation was (as indicated by San Health) with 2 ISL by fabric (48000 --- 2 ISL --- dwdm -----dwdm----2 ISL----48000).

What do you think of our oversubscription ratio ? How can I interpret it ? I know the recommendation value are 7:1. but it will means we have to add a lot of ISL !


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Port CountsAttached Device TypesInter Switch LinksFan Out RatiosLong Distance Modes
TotalFreeUnlcnsdDiskTapeHostApplianceGatewayISLIFLTrnk MstrTrnk SlvHost:DiskPort:ISLDevice:ISL10km25km50km100k300kAuto
Fabric 125661046131322040002.87:163:147.25:125100401
Fabric 225657046111362240002.96:163:148.25:125200400
TOTALS51211809224268428000 50300801

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