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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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restore SAN switch config from a supportsave -- possible?



I was wondering if it is possible to restore a SAN switch configuration from a supportsave.

I know configupload/configdownload is meant for this.


But in case you have only a supportsave, is it possible somehow to use it to restore the SAN switch configuration?

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Re: restore SAN switch config from a supportsave -- possible?

this is fairly easy in case if the switch didn't have any VF configuration. the supportsave file SSHOW_SYS.txt.gz contains the configshow output which is possible to prepare for configdownload.


if there were some VFs, this is not very straightforward - i am not sure if the direct equivalent for "configdownload -vf" exists in the supportsave. but this is doable anyway, though it will require some manual work to restore lscfg layout from "lscfg --show" (which is collected in the same SSHOW_SYS file)

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