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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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problem with ISL btwn 2 bcrd 300s

Can you use just 1 ISL between these 2 switches? We added 2 hosts on the sw 3 & 4 but the storage system  - ports on sw 1&2 - does not see the hosts .

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Re: problem with ISL btwn 2 bcrd 300s

Can you be more specific about what your setup is? Is sw1 ISL'd to sw3 and sw2 ISL'd to sw4? Is the host dual-attached to sw1 and sw3 and the storage also dual-attached to sw2 and sw4?

The number of ISLs you use between two switches is irrelevant from a pure visibility perspective. Have you done the proper zoning to allow the hosts to see the storage ports? Adding more ISLs just gives you more bandwidth and fault tolerance, but one ISL should be more than enough for the host to see the storage. Have the switches merged properly to form a fabric? It would be useful to see the output of the switchShow and fabricShow commands on all the switches.

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