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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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portswap on DCX8510 - FC16-48

Has anyone been able to get the portswap command to work on the DCX8510 with FC16-48  port blades running FABOS 7..2.1?

The admin manual says that it will work only on ports 0-15 but that doens't work -- we get an error message that it is not supported on these blades.



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Re: portswap on DCX8510 - FC16-48



I found this notice,


1. If the ports had been previously swapped on a port blade of lower density that was then replaced by the FC8-64 blade, the portswap command can be used to undo the swap but not to perform new swaps.


2. If the FC8-64 blade is within a logical switch, then the portswap command may be used.  


the notice refer to FC8-64, but no restriction are know to me for the FC16, so I assume this is the same for FC16-64

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Re: portswap on DCX8510 - FC16-48

very good info - thanks Antonio

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