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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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My employer had LDAP working about a year ago (before I came on board) and then it suddenly stopped working.

I've been working with our network team for the past few months with no success.

FOS level is v6.4.2b4.


We can't bring up the GUI to these switches because of the level of java embedded in 6.4.2b4, which is documented.

With the many upgrades to java since 6.4.2b4 was released I'm curious if the java & certificates embedded in the 6.4.2b4

version are incompatible with current systems, which is why LDAP has stopped working.


Thanks for any feedback.


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Re: ldap

Hi Tim,


I don't see the relation between Java/certificate and LDAP... have you checked the LDAP config via CLI?


Take a look at "aaaconfig --show" to see how it is currently configured.


what error does the switch report when trying to authenticate with a LDAP user?




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