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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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how to configure snmpv3

hi, expert:


   1、 how to configure snmpv3  ? did anyone provide an configure snmpv3  step by step ?


   2、now i have the following issue,



       for switch , i create a VF is 31.


        when i complete configure snmpv3, from IBM tivoli, i can get VF128 information , but i cannot get VF31 information.



    i appreciate anyone can  help me !



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Re: how to configure snmpv3

SNMP v3 is VF aware. So there are 2 points where your setup needs to be in sync:
1) I hope that the user that you setup for snmpv3 authentication is allowed to access the required VFs.
2) Then the application that uses snmpv3 to poll the switch, in your case it is Tivoli. I hope that it is designed to work with multiple VFs.
So if you double check both points, everything should work fine.

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