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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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four brocade switches

Hi all,

Our Production VNX 5700 is connected to two 6510's brocade switches and they are currently not set in failover to each other (separate zone cfg) . We have another VNX 5700 non- production which is connected to two DS300's with similar setup no failover (separate zone cfg) .

We would like to connect all four switches perhaps in (single fabric) configuration so we can perfom storage vmotion between the two vnx’s and at same time setup the switches for redundant paths in event of switch or port failure . In addition we nee to retain the zoning information that is on the production vnx -6510's brocade switches, the two DS300's zone cfg can be wiped if needed

My question is do we set as single fabric or two fabrics also, what are the steps to configure in fabric based on my requirements?

Based on some research I believe we need to disble cfg on the ds300 using cfgDisable command on CLI and then merge the zone cfg on the 6510's . in addtion , the switch domain ids, alias names, zone names, and zone configuration names on the all switches must be unique? also need to setup (3) isl trunks and set one of thr 6510 as prinicpal switch . can you confirm if this is correct setup ?


6510---isl trunk-----ds300

|(isl trunk)

6510---isl trunk---ds300

Many Thanks!

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