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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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enable config vs save config

I have several SLKWRM 300 switches. When I log in to them via the web interface GUI and go to Zone Administration to add or configure a zone, what is the difference between Enable Config and Save Config and which one do I click on first (or does it not matter which order)?

I just inherited this system so I apologize for my newbie-ness!

thank you!

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Re: enable config vs save config



In short:

First, you need to save your config when you changed something. Second, you need to enable your config to make the changes active.


In long:

"Save Config" only saves the changes you have made into nonvolatile memory so that they are available after a reboot of the switch. You can have more than one defined configuration and edit them as you need, but only one configuration can be the "Active" (or "Running") configuration. If you have an active configuration and made changes to that configuration and did the "Save Config", then your changes will be saved, but they will not be active immediately. Only when you reboot your switch then the previously active ("running") config with your previously saved changes would become the active ("running") config with all your changes in place.

And that brings us to "Enable Config". Because it's highly inconvenient to reboot your switch for every small change in the zoning. With "Enable Config" you make one of your saved configs to your active ("running") config. This works at every time without reboot of the switch.

One of the use cases is when you prepare some major changes in your zoning. You could clone the active ("running") config, then make all the desired changes and save your config. Because you only saved the config, the old active ("running") config is still in place and running. When it now comes to your planned switchover, you could simply enable your edited Clone-Config and verify that all runs as desired. If not, just re-enable your old config. This way you always have a fall back to your starting point.

By the way, the commands on the CLI are cfgSave and cfgEnable. See also in the FOS Command Reference Guide.


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