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configupload password prompt

I need a little help with a configupload script.


I am using the following:


configupload -sftp,backupuser,/backup/switch.txt


and it works as expected.  I have to manually enter the password at the "Password:" prompt.


If I use this:


configupload -sftp,backupuser,/backup/switch.txt,password


it still prompts for a password.  How can I include the password in the script to automate this?


Thanks in advance for assistance.

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Re: configupload password prompt

According to the manual, this is only possible for FTP, not for SFTP.

configupload [-fid FID | -chassis | -all |  -switch][-p ftp | -ftp]["host","user","path" [,"passwd"]]
configupload [-fid FID | -chassis | -all | -switch][-p scp| -scp]["host","user","path"]
configupload [-fid FID | -chassis | -all | -switch][-p sftp | -sftp]["host","user","path"]

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