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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Accepted Solution

configupload/configDownload replace 5100 with 6510

Replacing 40 port 5100 with 48 port 6510 will configupload/configDownload 

(same port conection used. any issues  or restriction?)

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Re: configupload/configDownload replace 5100 with 6510

Downloading a config from different platform is possible. It is supposed to prevent any config statements that are not compatible with the target platform. I'd save a clean config from the new switch, then download to the 6510 the config saved from 5100, and then again upload the config from 6510 for a comparison with the "clean" previously saved file. Diff / sdiff are usually helpful here. If there are any unclear changes, it's better either investigate them or revert to the stock config and replay any required changes manually. BTW, do you have many of them in your setup? Of course, all of this is possible to do in advance, while your old switch is still in production.
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Re: configupload/configDownload replace 5100 with 6510

Is this possible from saved FOS 7.x configupload to  a new FOS 8.x G6 ...we have this requirement as part of a h/w refresh from DCX > G6.


Does one edit configupload so that it just contains the [Zoning] section and tthen run configdownload from FOS 8 on the edited file ?


Interested to hear experience of how-to do a hardware refresh on a single Director circuit where it's only possible to physically accommodate one Director at a time. 


Thanks !

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