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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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change fabric principal

I'm not sure about the procedure to change switchrole to principal in a production fabric.

I read in another post that I should use fabricprincipal command. Is this procedure correct?

set your core switch to be fabricprincipal

     fabricprincipal 1

set your edge switches not to be fabricprincipal

     fabricprincipal 0

Then force a fabricrebuild on the core switch, WARNING THIS IS THE DISRUPTIVE ACTION !!

     fabricprincipal -f 1



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Re: change fabric principal

The guidelines are correct: you set the priority to where you want, you make sure that others don't have priority, then you force rebuild.
But it seems to me that you are not using the right command line switches.
Use "help fabricprincipal" or look it up in the command reference guide.

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