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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Zoning & Config Save

I typically Create new config when i have zoning changes copy existing zones to new , make my changes and activate new, i also save old config via config upload but i need to better understand the process.

Senario 1:

What happens when i delete Alias or Zones, update wwn and do a Save , does the chanes imediatly affect the fabric ? mening the alias and zones is deleted from active config ?

what good a config save can be after you saved your changes , will it restore everthing that existed prior to me saving the changes.

Note: New Config is created by not activated.



What happens when i make changes to Zones\Alias without activating a new zoneset

All i would do is save config.

I assume any delete of alias or zones impects active config but any new zone is not activated or availlable until i create a new zoning config and activate it.

just need a clearification and best practices around making changes to the san and how it impects the active zone.


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Re: Zoning & Config Save



first lets clear the cenario:

You have an defined zoneset configuration named GREEN. This zoneset_cfg is also effective.

Now you are clone this zoneset GREEN to zoneset RED.

So you have in the defined config a zoneset GREEN and a zoneset RED. In the effective only zoneset GREEN.


Now you start working on the zoneset RED.

Both described scenarios are really the same..


The changes does immediatly take ffect in the defined configuration after saving it. All deleted Alias and zones are deleted.

But only in the RED zoneset. GREEN zoneset still the original one.

The effective configuration is still the original GREEN zoneset. So for all END-Devices no change !!

If you now activate zoneset RED, all changes are in the effective config. If you will go back, just activate your GREEN zoneconfig again.






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