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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Upgrading my 48000 to v6.4.2b

I'm upgrading my two core 48k switches from 6.2.2b to 6.4.2b.  I have two 3900s and a 12k attached as edge switches.

In the release notes it states the following:

Silkworm 12000


(Direct E_Port connections are not supported – must use FCR)

Does this mean my E_Ports from the 48k to the 12k is going to go away or stop working.  I thought FCR use was for EX_ports?

Anyone else in a similar configuration?


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Re: Upgrading my 48000 to v6.4.2b

Hi RobV,

what this table essentially means is that connecting 48000 directly to 12000 is not supported. I never tried this exact combination, but I know that there were issues with ISLs between FOS 6.4 devices and older 2G boxes. That's basically why such connection is not supported.

As for EX part, the idea is to leave 12000 in a separate fabric and connect its resources to 48000 via FC Router. Thus 12000 and 48000 won't talk with each other directly (they will use FCR as an "interpreter").

Another option that might work is to connect 12000 to some older 4G switch (like 4900) which is then connected to 48000. This way you won't have direct ISL between 48000 and 12000 but both will still be in the same fabric.

Lastly, I'd strongly recommend you to plan and eventually phase out 12000s. As good as they were, the world moves forward, and 12000 are most likely to have worked well past their ROI point.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Upgrading my 48000 to v6.4.2b

Hello Linar,

I don't understand your idea to connect the 12K to an 4900.

These boxes can run the same code as the 48K. Both switches are running the same ASIC.

So I assume that 12K will have the same issue with the 4900 as with the 48K if both are running on the same FOS code. One basic goal is to run all switches on the same FOS code.

An option can be to connect the 12000 to the 3900.

I agree with you to remove the 12K from the fabric.

FC routing for a single 12K looks a bit oversized.


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