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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Upgrading FOS on 5470s using ISL

Hi all,


We have 2 BladeCenters H (8852), both have 2x Brocade 5470 in Bay03 and Bay04 of the BladeCenters. The 5470s of the Bay03 of each BladeCenter are linked together using ISL with an Extended Fabric Licence and the 5470s of the Bay04 are also linked together. Therefore, the 4 5470s actually makes 2 extended fabrics to link both BladeCenters together.


All our 5470s are running at firmware level 6.4.2b. The latest FOS on IBM Fix Central is 7.1.2b.


I already establish that if I want to upgrade and stay live (non-disruptive FC traffic), I must upgrade in 2 steps : 6.4.2b -> 7.0.2d6 -> 7.1.2b. This is according to the documentation I have found in the Release Notes of each release.


Brocade Fabric OS v7.0.2d Release Notes v1.0

Brocade Fabric OS v7.1.2b Release Notes v1.0


My question is, can I upgrade one switch at a time in the extended fabric without causing any issues/downtime ? Will my extended fabric stays up and running even if one 5470 is running a different firmware level than the other ?


My plan would be to ugprade every switches to 7.0.2d6 and then move on to 7.1.2b. I don't plan on having switches running 7.1.2b and others 6.4.2b at the same time.


Obviously, all switches will be upgraded at the same firmware level in the end, but I have no choice to upgrade one by one and must keep everything working, including the extended fabrics and traffic between the BladeCenters.


Thank you,



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Re: Upgrading FOS on 5470s using ISL

Hi Guillaume. FOS 7.1.2b release notes say that this version can coexist with 5470 running FOS 6.2.0 and up, with some notes regarding AoQ up to 6.2.2e, but you are already at 6.4+ anyway. This means that you can upgrade either step by step or one half two steps first and then second half two steps. Overall, your upgrade plan is OK for a nondisruptive upgrade. Good luck!

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