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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Upgrade process FOS v6.1.1 to v6.3.1a

I need to do an upgrade for support of new GBICs (custom wavelengths for DWDM) to at least v6.3.0.

Current hardware -  two DS-5100 running FOS v6.1.1, each setup stand alone as redundant fabrics.

I have the package for FOS v6.3.1a.

I understand from reading the release notes, that Brocade states that single version upgrade path is supported (6.1.x --> 6.2.x --> 6.3.xx ).  However, from my reading of the forums, I should be able to do an upgrade of the FOS from v6.1.1 directly to v6.3.1a

My process is going to be to backup all my configs, then do an upgrade of one switch at a time.  This should prevent any major disruption when the switch reboots.

Advice? Comments?


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Re: Upgrade process FOS v6.1.1 to v6.3.1a

Starting with Fabric OS 6.0 all upgrades are one version only, so upgrading 6.1 directly to 6.3 is not possible.

You'll have to follow the procedure in Release Notes, upgrading in two steps (6.1 > 6.2 > 6.3).


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