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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Upgrade from firmware 7.4.1a from 7.4.0 ok?

Silly question but I want to ensure I can upgrade my firmware from version 7.4.0 to latest 7.4.1a non-disruptively during business hours?

Looking at the release notes for upgrade migration path it only mentions "Migrating from FOS v7.3 - Any 8G or 16G platform running any FOS v7.3.x firmware can be non-disruptively upgraded to FOS v7.4.1a."


We are on version 7.4.0 currently.



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Re: Upgrade from firmware 7.4.1a from 7.4.0 ok?

Short answer:  Yes.


Slightly longer version:  I do these updates during changes windows, but applying the filter of:  "Will the VMWare admins even see anything in their logs when this happens?" I would answer that they won't, and so doing it during business hours would be fine.


If anything, I would say that in neglecting to mention 7.4.0 to 7.4.1 under "migrating" the message is that it isn't a migration, just applying patches within the same version.  And no disruption to traffic should be expected.

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