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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Update two fiber switches( AM868A ) with 7.0.0.c firmware


Hi, I have to update two SAN fiber switches( AM868A ) with 7.0.0.c firmware, and I would like to know where  can I download the most current firmwares,

Does exist any guide for upgrading the firmware non-disruptively in this switches( AM868A ) ?


Thank you in advance

Ruben Garcia

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Re: Update two fiber switches( AM868A ) with 7.0.0.c firmware

Hi Ruben,


For this Switch HP AM868A, it's a brocade switch model 300 practically, therefore all the firmware is the same, maybe the different between the vendors' switches are the subtle config parameters. You can download the firmware from brocade following a path from v7 to v7.4.x which is the last one that supports, however you need to read the release notes of each version so you can do this process in a non-disruptive way.


I'm not an expert on this, that's why I hope that someone with more knowledge can help you decide if you need to download the Firmware directly from HP or from Brocade.


for HP:


for brocade:  - When you Log in my brocade, select Software Download and Browse all Operating Systems



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