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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Update Defined Cfg from Active Cfg (FOS 5.3)

I've just removed some McData switches from my fabrics to leave a single Brocade switch (4900) in each. Neither of the Brocades have matching Active & Defined configs, as I would have always zoned from the McDatas in the past. The FOS is back at 5.3, so doesn't appear to have a 'cfgsaveactivetodefined' command available. Does anyone know any clever way to do this on 5.3, other than manually updating the Defined, based on the current Active cfg?

I do have a plan in place to upgrade the switches and take them out of InterOp mode altogether, but this a little while off.



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Re: Update Defined Cfg from Active Cfg (FOS 5.3)

Hi there,

When Interopmode is active on a Brocade switch, it cannot modify the zoning. The only way to manipulate zoning with the brocade switch is to disable interopmode and set it to Native.

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